25 November 2008

Minority Report here we Come

Rodent Free Computing
Eat your heart out Jeff Han Perceptive Pixel There's a new game in town:

Oblong Computing and their g-speak spatial computing.....

Minority Report here we come

If you are interested - here is Jeff Han's Video

In case the video does not play here's the Link

Facebook and Blogging for the Fortysomethings

Great piece in Forbes on the Fortysomethigns and the struggle wiht the new media....

...I belong to a cohort--the 40-somethings--that has a peculiar relationship with Facebook. It is a cohort that is entirely comfortable with computers, but which also has a memory of the courtesies and languor of the pre-computer age. We read a lot online, but also have newspapers delivered to our homes. We write e-mail as if we were born with the skill to do so, yet we wrote letters by hand until we were well into
our 30s.
I like Tunku "don't take Facebook for granted" and have a "certain
self-conscious formality". I certainly don't just update my status, I do think before I type (mostly), pondering the effect of the status update on its potential readers...

So now you know.....

11 November 2008

Google predicting flu trends based on search terms

Google has a web site that is using search terms as a method to predict flu trends. Based on identifying the frequency and location of certain flu related search terms. Looking at historical data and linking this to the search trends there is a relationship to incidence.....
Fascinating stuff

07 November 2008

Changing People's Minds

Turns out that changing people's minds is not as difficult as you might imagine. Guy Kawasaki explains this in his blog and refers to an experiment where they took tow groups of people and successfully changed their viewpoint to the opposite position...

He links to some great articles and these are repeated here

Our Secret Attitude to Change
The Hidden Workings of Our Minds
What We Don't Know About Shopping, Reading, Watching TV and Judging People
When we are Fools to Ourselves
At the Heart of Attraction Lies Confusion: Choice Blindness

So for business and life in general - don't assume that someone's opinion is unchangeable....

06 November 2008

The Other Side to the Coin

There are lies, damn lies and statistics and while the "Thought Provoking Video" is exactly that it is not the final word nor is it the forbearer of the demise of the US economy or the US leadership.

MITSloan online has a balancing piece "The Beneficient Dragon"
which details the positive supply side shock of unleashing a huge pool of resources into the world economy. So the shock statistics including the size of the economy and the growth rate are less impactful when looked at with historical perspective
China's growth rate is almost identical to that achieved by Japan in the 1950s and 1960s when that country effectively reentered the world economy after the devastation of World War II
and optimistic projection
Even under the most optimistic assumptions, there will still be a gap in GDP of three to four times in 2050

05 November 2008

Time's Top 50 Inventions

The full list is here but for me some standouts (the numbers are where they are on the list not my personal preferences)

1 23andMe retail Genetic testing
5 the Black Hole creator - Large Hadron Collider
16 Dynamic rotating tower no doubt to be seen in Dubai first
24 Bionic Contacts
for Harry Potter fans 28 the invisibility Cloak
for the new found runner in me 43 high tech running shoes
and coming in at number 50 for the Trekkies like me Geordie's visor pre-curso 50 - A Camera for the Blind