20 February 2009

Facebook and Kids

A recent posting on the NY times all about Facebook for parents made for fun reading and the blog linked to this When you're Kid Won't Friend You was enlightening... My kids are embarrassed I have a facebook - I joined immediately and my favorite quote was this posting from Barbara Rockicki:
I live to embarrass my kids as my parents did me ~ pay it forward !
Reminding me of my childhood and the embarrassment I caused my own parents who were quick to distance themselves from em whenever I created a commotion....in one memorable incident when I was accompanied by my aunt who spoke little English I hit the emergency stop button on escalator during a Christmas shopping visit. My poor Aunt was very embarrassed and had a very hard time getting out of the store quickly enough!

Does Stanford University really have to offer a course Facebook for Parents.....there should be some entrepeneuring young teen something who could do a better job than some stuffy old professor and make a few bucks as well!
In all of this is balance and an important point from the NY Times Blog
my past was no guide to their present
This is probably even more true today given the rapid changing world. We can't possibly envisage the way we will interact int eh future given how much has changed in such a short time.

To quote a good friend of mine "the idea that the clock ticks and suddenly your child is 18 and responsible is ridiculous"....it's true and no amount of controlling up to that point will prepare and help your children be prepared so balance between control, guidance and involvement is key but I know hard to find and something I personally continue to search for

17 February 2009

Social Networking Basics

Social networking - all the rage or a flash in the pan.....?

175 Million Facebook users can't be wrong - or so it would seem but what does it all mean - well below are a collection of videos on Social Networking that explain the concepts in general and as it relates to Bookmarking, RSS, Blogging, Twitter and Podcasting and Wikis

Social Networking Basics


Social Bookmarking in Plain English (Del.Icio.Us)




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12 February 2009

Twitter - 5 Steps to Getting Started

The NY Times technology column reviewed Twitter in this enlightening piece - "Twitter? It's What You Make It" and after being pushed to look into the concept by readers. The fear
I’d been avoiding it, because it sounded like yet another one of those trendy Internet time drains.
But as he discovers:
there’s nothing quite like Twitter. It’s a Web site where you can broadcast very short messages — 140 characters, max — to anyone who’s signed up to receive them. It’s like a cross between a blog and a chat room.
And he as he notes can include a few friends or almost 1/4 million people in the case of President Barack Obama (no messages since taking office - sigh)

The over riding message:
Twitter is whatever you want it to be
It is an interesting addition to connectivity - it may not suit everyone but "Don't knock it till you've tried it". Even in my own household not everyone is on board but I feel they are in a similar state to those that say No to
  • telephone
  • cellphone
  • faxes
  • televisions
  • radio

These media can have a positive and negative effect, it is all a question of how you use it and how it fits in your world. So five suggestions on how to get started with twitter
  1. Find one of your friends who uses it and thinks its good - join and follow them
  2. Look at the Guides on etiquette
  3. Don't be afraid to friend or unfriend
  4. Don't be afraid to ask - I have had good experiences with people helping
  5. And if you find someone interesting check out who they follow and try following these people as well

And as a start - you could follow me click the link and then select follow (you will need a Twitter account to do this)

It's fun, easy and this can be done from anywhere your smart phone works

A Great article with good links to twitter tools: "10 Great Twitter Tools"

04 February 2009

H1-B Indentured Servitude

Bitter personal experience means I have a lot of sympathy with these folks who are currently looking at the downturn not just as a loss of income but potentially a requirement to leave the country. Silicon Valley news article "Layoffs mean more than lost wages for H1-B Visa Holders" is a terrible situation and one that does nothing to help attract future talent.
The H1-B program is broken, treating foreign workers will push more away from the country and will make it harder to attract the talent that has helped build this country.