31 August 2009

Coaches Behavior

At a recent soccer tournament I was on the side line of a U14 boys match watching when two boys collided in the penalty box. There was no foul play involved (further confirmed by the fact that neither coach made any of the usual outbursts). They were both going for the ball and hit heads.

One of the players got up but the other remained on the ground. The referee quickly stopped play and went to the player and quickly called the coach over. The coach oddly stayed on the side line his feet right at the edge and shouted over
He'll be fine. He'll get up
Interesting reaction and behavior but wrong. The player did not although eventually he was helped to his feet by his team mates. He appeared to be OK but who could be sure and given his prolonged stay on the ground after a head injury and possible concussion the prudent course of action was to have him taken off and a substitute player put on the field. The referee made that call and indicated to the coach he should substitute another player. What he said next left me gobsmacked:
I deliberately did not come on to the field as I don't want him taken off. He's fine and should stay on the field
Huh! I am guessing this was the coaches star player and he wanted him on the field at all costs. I sure hope the parents of that boy heard that exchange. I know if I had my reaction with the coach would have been very strong. The good news was the referee took matters into his own hands and forced the player off and issued a caution (yellow card) tot he coach for dissent with the exchange that followed.

The bad news - I bet the coach continues to behave in that fashion and no one will take him to task. There's another coach the sport does not need.