31 July 2010

Pictures you don't see every day

Pictures you don't see every day.

Must have been McNaughty.

Looks like UPS wins!!!

Oh, come on... just one?

Starting with spelling.

..I think it was the FedEx driver

Made by the school that teaches Arithetic

Sometimes a name change is the best idea...

Take me to the cleaners, baby!

Major dilemma in California :

How do you get there from here?

Everything you need for your 'shotgun' wedding!

McLogic gone wrong...

Pork the one you love?

Still Dead, Huh??? Go Figure...


'Mass suicides...Cows going over the edge...tonight on Channel 3 News...'

Load 'em up with burritos, Mom!!

I'm Confused...

How am I going to write if I'm ILLITERATE? How will I READ THE SIGN if IĆ¢€™m illiterate?

I can't even comment on this one

Must be Wyoming ..Beautiful, lush lawns of dirt...

Make up your mind!!!

Don't drink and make signs...

And Last but not Least.

It must have been the FedEx driver.

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The Dollar Bill

28 July 2010

Orthopedics vs Anaesthesia

Just like real life

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United airlines Capt Deny Flanagan Rocks

Capt Deny Flanagan is the best advert for United Airlines. He was delayed flying from Anchorage with two passengers who apparently tried to join the mile high club. As usual comes out and talks to the waiting passengers to explain the delay and what he and United are doing to try and make up time

It is always a pleasure to fly with United but doubly so when Capt Deny Flanagan is in charge as he is still showing everyone what customer service is all about