13 April 2011

Brand names from around the world

Or...Marketing fail from around the world depending on how you look at it!

Must be Good !?

Be  gone, I say!.              

Not to be confused with Hetero  sausage.


Insect repellent? Are you sure  thats what its for?  


For Paris  Hilton?  


Good Luck! Bet it don't taste  the same in a can ?


Soooo refreshing!


So  thats where SARS came from!


Only one thing better than  regular Shito
new, improved Shito.



Spicy Hot Shit-o!


Hope thats not the the  scent!!!!  


What are you looking at me for  ?  


Mine's Happy  anyway!  


So  much better than old, stale cok!  


Well of course, Asse just had to  be chocolate.  


I  really shouldnt find this funny...




Hard to refuse!


I  hope Marie knows about this.  


And they said it couldnt be  bottled.
Colour is a worry though!  

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