25 October 2011

Delighted for NZ All Blacks

I know I am late to this celebration but I managed to limit my exposure to news until the finals showed up on my channels int he US (no live coverage!). I managed to watch the final without knowing the result so had the nail biter right to the final whistle

Congratulations to the New Zealand All Blacks for winning the 2011 Rugby World Cup

Enjoyed watching the games and keeping up albeit time delayed. Watched soem fantastic rugby, great tries and awesome play and surprises. The final may not have been the best game but it was one of the closest I can remember and well worth watching for soem great players and plays on both sides. Shout out to Piri Weepu including his leading of the Haka at the beginning of the game:

They even performed the Haka at the end of the game...missed that but here it is on youtube
What a treat for the crowd.

Just to clarify the new Haka performed for this world cup is the "Kapa o Pango" and has more specific thematic relevance to the All Blacks and is reserved for special occasions. It expresses the team’s pride in their heritage and their team-mates, the honor to wear the black jersey with its silver fern, and that the occasion on which it is performed “defines us as All Blacks”. (Read more .

Here's a great clip that translates the words of one of their Haka's
Tenei te tangata puhuru huru - (translated "This is the hairy man"!)

What a sad comparison to a recent performance of the Haka by some High School Tongan students at the Union High School football game in Roosevelt Utah get pepper sprayed by the local cops:

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