02 December 2011

Cancer Concerns just the tip of the ice berg with back scatter security devices

No surprise here - theatre security in action...feeling completely duped and glad to have refused to be exposed on every occasion i found myself directed to one of these irradiation devices!
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On Sept. 23, 1998, a panel of radiation safety experts gathered at a Hilton hotel in Maryland to evaluate a new device that could detect hidden weapons and contraband. The machine, known as the Secure 1000, beamed X-rays at people to see underneath their clothing.

One after another, the experts convened by the Food and Drug Administration raised questions about the machine because it violated a longstanding principle in radiation safety — that humans shouldn’t be X-rayed unless there is a medical benefit.

“I think this is really a slippery slope,” said Jill Lipoti, who was the director of New Jersey’s radiation protection program. The device was already deployed in prisons; what was next, she and others asked — courthouses, schools, airports? “I am concerned … with expanding this type of product for the traveling public,” said another panelist, Stanley Savic, the vice president for safety at a large electronics company. “I think that would take this thing to an entirely different level of public health risk.”

Just returning from the largest radiology meeting (RSNA) it seems ludicrous that x-ray machines get to be installed in so many airports but have none of the supervision, monitoring, personal badge tracking and exposure tracking......

Try doing that in a hospital, doctors or dental office.....!

Another big waste of tax payers money to what end.....?


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