21 December 2011

SOPA Regulations still looming - the fight is still on

Here's the SOPA Cabana

The SOPA regulations were punted to "mark up"; a small victory but an important one given the original intent by “Hollywood’s Favorite Republican Lamar Smith" was to rush the bill through with just a single hearing. The Bills sponsors even tried to pull a fast one (shame they can't do that with important issues like taxes, the economy, jobs....) and introduced a “new-and-improved” version just before the markup.

The basic facts looked bleak: this Internet blacklist bill is a disaster that stands at odds with the Constitution, but the deep pockets of its legacy media backers managed to make it enough friends in committee that its quick passage seemed possible. Judiciary Committee Chairman, author of the bill, and “Hollywood’s Favorite Republican” Lamar Smith scheduled just a single hearing, stacked the deck in his bill’s favor, and rushed it through to markup now, at the end of the legislative session.

Read the Electronic Frontier Foundation wrap up here

At least sign up to hear about the next push by the suits to ban the internet and freedom at

If not expect videos and clips to dry up as Hollywood crushes any and all instances of fair use abusing SOPA the same way they have abused DMCA

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