21 December 2011

World of Warcraft Sucking the life out of American Society

Am I missing something.......what exactly does World of Warcraft offer society aside from the massive amounts of time and intellect wasted staring at a screen of avatars. Does it create a community of positive experiences....I don't think so. Does it encourage a positive work ethic....hmmmm no. Is it helping people connect and develop useful skills.....quite the reverse making personal face to face interactions challenging. Develop technical skills...nope players just use technology but don't understand it nor can they create or develop programs based on the technology or the cloud infrastructure.

There must be some small subset of programmers and the gaming companies who love the concept as they sell more subscription based access and even manage to hawk paid aspects to a virtual world.

I'm sure this is not just a US problem and I can't help asking why it continues to persist and even expand. Add it to the list of things that I believe is nothing but a black hole draining life out of people and returning nothing. It should be treated like any other epidemic; identified, isolated and purged.

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