21 March 2013

1934 Christmas catalogue from Montgomery Ward

In the good old days

This is great. Note the size of the shoes and the height of the heel.
The second house has no bathroom.

1934 Christmas catalogue from Montgomery Ward


And made in America, too!

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Awake Aware said...

Omg! This is crazy! Hard to believe that inflation has made the price of a hamburger (not real meat) worth more than a 100% wool sweater less than 80 yrs ago. Geezus! Wish wages had gone up accordingly...

Awake Aware said...


Robert Lee said...

The "dollar" of 1934 was worth 25 times the dollar of 2013. The loss of strength of the "dollar" is due to the "Federal Reserve" which is neither federal nor a reserve. It is 6 private off-shore banks that have raped us for year until your money is now worthless.

Gold was, in 1934, $20 an ounce. Now it is $1200 an ounce. Your money by this index is 1/60th its former value.

You are raped beyond telling...