27 October 2014

B-36 - Engineers Positions, Come Fly With Me

The B-36 was a state of the art airplane in its day. The Air Engineer was responsible for starting, maintaining and shutting down the 6 Radial Engines and 4 Jet Engines required to make it fly and mission completed.

No modern "Fly by Wire" or "Computer controlled Aircraft" involved here.  Just straight old manpower, brainpower and the guts to get it done.
This is absolutely mind boggling to think about. The 360 degree viewing movement by moving your mouse is amazing.

This is a 360 degree panorama of the flight engineer's station on a B-36: Six propeller-driven R-4360s and four J-47 jets to keep an eye on, plus fuel, pressurization, hydraulics, electrical, and other systems.

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