01 December 2014

24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insane The Snow Is Near Buffalo, New York

1. If you haven't heard, or are living in a place of denial that this could even happen, there's an insane lake-effect snow event happening in and around Buffalo, New York.

2. Because it's lake-effect snow, it's targeting super-specific areas, meaning you can literally see the snow/no snow divide in the clouds.

3. The clouds are actually frightening.

4. With lake-effect snow, the weather can be drastically different in areas mere miles apart. One place may get multiple feet of snow while a few miles away they won't have any.

5. And then boom. Just like that, it can snow 3 to 5 inches PER HOUR.

6. One of the craziest searches to do on Twitter is "buffalo door" because you'll find pictures like this…

7. …this…

8. … and this.

Shannon Fisher@ShanV11

Nope, that's not a white wall behind my son #BuffaloSnow

9. People are literally trapped inside.

Christian Steiner@csteiner1230

@WNYweather In Blasdell.

10. According to this person's Instagram caption, they've been stuck at work for over 24 hours.


Jim Cantore@JimCantore

Good Lord! MT @NWSIndianapolis: RT @TrainerAmyIndy: Friend in #Buffalo opened her garage door & it looked like this:

12. Some people are digging tunnels from their front doors…

Marc Franz Jr@WxmanFranz

5-6 FEET of #Snow surrounding your home, how do you get out? Dig a tunnel like this man. Via @WGRZ #Lackawanna, #NY.

13. …and then finding their cars buried like this.

14. Which doesn't even matter because this is what some highways look like:

Andrew Cuomo@NYGovCuomo

Photo: Lake effect storm near Buffalo closes part of @NYSThruway8790 with significant snowfall

15. And this:

Katie Halberg@katiehalberg

My brother is still stuck on the highway in Buffalo. Thankfully people who needed help have been rescued.

16. This is the view from a SECOND-STORY WINDOW:

17. Even the Doritos truck is stuck!

Jeremy Cohn@JeremyGlobalTV

I just saw several men stealing chips from inside this abandoned Doritos truck. #BuffaloSnow #nywx

18. In some places, the snow is so bad that it's busting through WINDOWS and DOORS.

WBEN NewsRadio 930AM@NewsRadio930

Not sure what happened here, but a listener tweeted us this of a house in Cheektowaga:

19. I repeat, the snow is busting…

The Weather Channel@weatherchannel

More snow invasions in West Seneca, NY. Via Joyce M. Meyer. #lakeeffect

20. …through…


Amazing, so much snow the pressure caused the window to give way! Hamburg, NY. Courtesy Vanessa Armbruster/WKBW-TV


7NEWS Denver Channel@DenverChannel

Incredible amounts of lake-effect snow cracks this window near Buffalo NY. Photos from @WKBWhttp://t.co/ddAtI7u6uy

22. So yeah, feel fortunate you don't live in Buffalo.

23. Because your neighborhood could look like this…

The Weather Channel@weatherchannel

RT @dynamodreams#wgrzsnow neighbors house in cheektowaga #WGRZsnow

24. …and the only thing that could save you is a path to the 7-Eleven.

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