20 May 2016

Camouflage at its finest

Here's something to test old and weary eyes.

1: Giraffe.
Having a                                                            giraffe: A                                                            Giraffe in                                                            Transvaal,                                                            South Africa.                                                            Wolfe's                                                            35-year career                                                            has spanned                                                            every                                                            continent as                                                            he has                                                            followed his                                                            passion for                                                            the                                                            environment

2: A wolf peering out from 
Can't see                                                            the wolf from                                                            the trees: A                                                            wolf peering                                                            out from                                                            behind a tree                                                            trunk in an                                                            autumn Montana                                                            forest

4: Tricky one this! Can you find the 
A Great                                                            Horned Owl                                                            uses colour                                                            and disruptive                                                            patterns in                                                            its plumage to                                                            disappear in a                                                            temperate                                                            forest in                                                            Oregons                                                            Malheur                                                            National                                                            Wildlife                                                            Refuge

5: Don't know what a pika is but it is hiding in 
here somewhere!
An                                                            American Pika                                                            performing a                                                            vanishing act                                                            in the Cascade                                                            Range of                                                            Washington

I just spotted it! Now that is what I call 

6: How about the leopard?
Can you                                                            spot me? A                                                            Leopard                                                            conceals                                                            herself in                                                            vegetation at                                                            the base of a                                                            tree in Kruger                                                            National Park,                                                            Transvaal,                                                            South Africa
7 A Squirrel?
A                                                            California                                                            Ground                                                            Squirrel                                                            blending in                                                            with its rocky                                                            environment
8: Wow this owl is 

Bark and                                                            hide: A Great                                                            Gray Owl                                                            positions                                                            itself in                                                            front of a                                                            similar                                                            pattern to                                                            take advantage                                                            of his                                                            camouflage in                                                            Oregon, United                                                            States

9: There definitely a spotted deer in here! 
Invisible: A male Spotted Deer disappears among sun-dappled                                                            vegetation in                                                            Ranthambore                                                            National Park,                                                            Rajasthan,                                                            India

10: A white tailed 
White-tailed Ptarmigan in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
many? Would you believe a flock of 6? Look 

11: There is an impala in here 
The long                                                            grass: An                                                            Impala hiding                                                            in vegetation                                                            in Botswana's                                                            Chobe National                                                            Park, Africa

12: A cheetah cub
A sandy                                                            place to hide:                                                            A cheetah cub                                                            disguised                                                            against the                                                            Kalahari                                                            Desert, South                                                            Africa

13: a common snipe in the 
Water                                                            good place to                                                            hide: A Common                                                            Snipe, well                                                            hidden in the                                                            shoreline                                                            vegetation of                                                            a Minnesota                                                            stream

14: a night hawk
Out of                                                            sight hawk: A                                                            nighthawk                                                            resting on                                                            rocks where it                                                            blends into                                                            its                                                            surroundings                                                            in eastern                                                            Washington

15: a coyote at the edge of the 
Snow way                                                            I'll be                                                            spotted here:                                                            A coyote                                                            camouflaged in                                                            the                                                            surrounding                                                            brush at the                                                            edge of a snow                                                            dusted field,                                                            Washington                                                            State, USA

16: a blue dacnis
Branching                                                            out: A                                                            well-concealed                                                            blue dacnis                                                            takes a rest                                                            in foliage in                                                            Panama
Isn't nature amazing?

01 May 2016

AAA Warning on NEW GASOLINE at Stations

New Gasoline (E15) Coming To Stations. Looks like they are starting to really push this stuff now so be careful what you pump. Pumps have to be clearly marked so don't use it.
The cost will be slightly cheaper than the other options so it might look tempting. Most stations don't have it yet but be aware just in case. The EPA has changed the rules on corn used to make gasoline. Important if you have a car made before 2012. Watch the short video. Don't use NEW GAS COMING TO STATIONS (everybody PLEASE READ and send this along to everyone you know).