20 May 2016

Camouflage at its finest

Here's something to test old and weary eyes.

1: Giraffe.
Having a                                                            giraffe: A                                                            Giraffe in                                                            Transvaal,                                                            South Africa.                                                            Wolfe's                                                            35-year career                                                            has spanned                                                            every                                                            continent as                                                            he has                                                            followed his                                                            passion for                                                            the                                                            environment

2: A wolf peering out from 
Can't see                                                            the wolf from                                                            the trees: A                                                            wolf peering                                                            out from                                                            behind a tree                                                            trunk in an                                                            autumn Montana                                                            forest

4: Tricky one this! Can you find the 
A Great                                                            Horned Owl                                                            uses colour                                                            and disruptive                                                            patterns in                                                            its plumage to                                                            disappear in a                                                            temperate                                                            forest in                                                            Oregons                                                            Malheur                                                            National                                                            Wildlife                                                            Refuge

5: Don't know what a pika is but it is hiding in 
here somewhere!
An                                                            American Pika                                                            performing a                                                            vanishing act                                                            in the Cascade                                                            Range of                                                            Washington

I just spotted it! Now that is what I call 

6: How about the leopard?
Can you                                                            spot me? A                                                            Leopard                                                            conceals                                                            herself in                                                            vegetation at                                                            the base of a                                                            tree in Kruger                                                            National Park,                                                            Transvaal,                                                            South Africa
7 A Squirrel?
A                                                            California                                                            Ground                                                            Squirrel                                                            blending in                                                            with its rocky                                                            environment
8: Wow this owl is 

Bark and                                                            hide: A Great                                                            Gray Owl                                                            positions                                                            itself in                                                            front of a                                                            similar                                                            pattern to                                                            take advantage                                                            of his                                                            camouflage in                                                            Oregon, United                                                            States

9: There definitely a spotted deer in here! 
Invisible: A male Spotted Deer disappears among sun-dappled                                                            vegetation in                                                            Ranthambore                                                            National Park,                                                            Rajasthan,                                                            India

10: A white tailed 
White-tailed Ptarmigan in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
many? Would you believe a flock of 6? Look 

11: There is an impala in here 
The long                                                            grass: An                                                            Impala hiding                                                            in vegetation                                                            in Botswana's                                                            Chobe National                                                            Park, Africa

12: A cheetah cub
A sandy                                                            place to hide:                                                            A cheetah cub                                                            disguised                                                            against the                                                            Kalahari                                                            Desert, South                                                            Africa

13: a common snipe in the 
Water                                                            good place to                                                            hide: A Common                                                            Snipe, well                                                            hidden in the                                                            shoreline                                                            vegetation of                                                            a Minnesota                                                            stream

14: a night hawk
Out of                                                            sight hawk: A                                                            nighthawk                                                            resting on                                                            rocks where it                                                            blends into                                                            its                                                            surroundings                                                            in eastern                                                            Washington

15: a coyote at the edge of the 
Snow way                                                            I'll be                                                            spotted here:                                                            A coyote                                                            camouflaged in                                                            the                                                            surrounding                                                            brush at the                                                            edge of a snow                                                            dusted field,                                                            Washington                                                            State, USA

16: a blue dacnis
Branching                                                            out: A                                                            well-concealed                                                            blue dacnis                                                            takes a rest                                                            in foliage in                                                            Panama
Isn't nature amazing?

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